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Marahlago was founded by their dream to combine this premier gem like larimar with excellent jewelry designs and fashion forward settings. Our mission is to create treasured pieces that captivate wearers and admirers time and again. The ageless beauty and natural luminescence of Larimar makes it a privilege to create designs that capture the spirit of this unique gem and share its amazing natural beauty with others.

Larimar is a rare gem with a mysterious history that exists only in the Dominican Republic. An earthquake dislodged pieces into a river where they gently tumbled downstream to be discovered. One of the early artisans used the small blue pebbles and named them after his daughter, “Larissa” and the spanish word for ocean, “Mar.” Local children can still be seen running up and down the shore in search of their own treasures.

As an assurance to our treasured customers, each one of our unique designs bears the Marahlago trademark flower. This is our guarantee to you that the piece is of the highest quality and showcases natural and untreated Larimar.

Since our founding, one Marahlago’s main accomplishments has been our ability to establish a local partnership with miners and craftsman by working with them create and participate in a global Larimar market. Through our partnerships, we have enabled entire villages to support themselves. At marahlago we have the unique privilege of knowing that every piece we make and sell has a direct, positive impact on another’s life.


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