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Uniquely Australian... Dreamtime Australian Diamonds - Argyle Diamond Collection

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Remarkably beautiful and naturally captivating, Dreamtime Australian Diamonds originate from the world renowned Argyle Diamond Mine, located in a remote corner of Northwest Australia.

Every Dreamtime Diamond is unique and resonates with the Australian landscape, its stories and legends. Every diamond is tracked so you can be assured your Dreamtime jewellery contains Australian diamonds that are natural and untreated.

The Argyle Mine

Owned in full by Rio Tinto and located in the remote East Kimberley Region of Western Australia, the Argyle Diamond Mine has to date produced more than 800 million carats of diamonds. It is the world's largest producer of natural champagne and cognac diamonds, as well as the very rare pink diamond, which has become Argyle's signature stone and is coveted by diamond experts and collectors globally.

The Argyle lease tenants the traditional lands of the Gija and Mirriuwung people.

A priority in the area is to build a stronger and more robust local economy that is not dependent upon the mine's operation. In 2005 an Indigenous Land Use Agreement and Participation Agreement was set up between the mine and the Traditional Owners of the mining lease area.

This agreement recognises the Traditional Owners as the landlords of the Argyle mining lease and formally establishes a long-term relationship between the two parties, based on a shared desire to build a better future for indigenous communities in the East Kimberley.

This was an important step towards Argyle's sustainability goals and put in place a formal relationship that will help deliver long term economic benefits to Aboriginal communities in the East Kimberley region.

Aboriginal Heritage

The Traditional Owners of the Argyle Diamond Mind are the Gija and Mirriwung people. The location of the Argyle mine is called Barramundi Gap and is a sacred women's site.

Dreamtime or "Ngarranggarni" stories provide a strong belief system through which indigenous people understand their country and their relationship to it.

Jaliwang Ngarranggarni 

Barramundi dreaming story (Mirriwung)

A barramundi lives in the river at Tharram (Bandicoot Bar). One day, a crane fishing for food sees the barramundi and spears it with her beak, but is unable to catch it as the barramundi swims quickly away.

The barramundi travels up the Dunham River, past where the Warmun community is today, and on to Glen Hill where she scrapes off some of her scales as she passes through. Today, these scales can be seen near the Glen Hill community's first gate as white rock on the hillside, most clearly visible in the late afternoon.

Here the barramundi is spotted by some women who try to catch her using nets made of rolled Spinifex grass (a traditional Mirriwung fishing method known as Gelganyem). But the barramundi flicks her tail and jumps over the trap. She escapes between the two hills of Barramundi Gap and heads down to Bow River, where she comes to rest as a white rock. This rock, which can still be seen today, is quite different from all the others at Bow River.

The Dreamtime Story

Diamonds are, without a doubt, one of the world's most beautiful natural resources. Dreamtime Diamonds are imbued with the stories and legends which have danced across the earth above them for millions of years. Which makes them so much more than just diamonds.

Every Dreamtime Diamond is earthed carefully from the Argyle Diamond Mine in the East Kimberly region of Western Australia. These stones are truly one-of-a-kind.

They vary in colour and represent the warm colours and rich mythology of the Australian land. They are all tracked from the ground they came from, so you know absolutely that they are natural and untreated Australian stones.

Dreamtime Diamonds come in a visually striking palate of colours, which has created the perfect platform for the design of Dreamtime jewellery. Dreamtime Diamond designers are inspired by the diamonds' natural warmth, which is reflective of the warmth of the land.

Knowing you have something from Australia that's been in creation for million of years, and specifically from the Kimberly region - that makes owning a Dreamtime Diamond really special.