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BLUEFIRE DIAMONDS - Diamonds with Greater Brilliance

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It is our passion to present to you diamonds of unparalleled brilliance. To achieve this we not only select diamonds from the quality end of the colour and clarity scale, we also use advanced technology to cut our diamonds with 144 facets rather than 58. This ensures a superlative brilliance that can never be mistaken for just another diamond.

Describing our diamonds' brilliance as superlative is not overstating the fact. Their brilliance is not the product of fancy words but the result of careful diamond selection, advanced cutting techniques and precisely calculated consistent angles. Some years ago James and Harry Huisman, third generation master diamond cutters, devised a method of cutting diamonds that featured 144 glistening facets that act just like tiny mirrors. Carl Zeiss Inc then tested a range of 58 faceted diamonds against Bluefire 144 faceted diamonds for almost 2 years and determined that on average the Bluefire diamonds had 32.2% greater brilliance.

Bluefire diamonds are conflict free, rare and sought after for their superiority and brilliance. Only better quality diamonds are selected for the Bluefire cutting process. Their value has not been reduced by clarity enchancing or fracture filling. Bluefire diamonds are natural. Lower quality diamonds simply don't make the cut. The girdle is laser inscribed with a unique identification number. 

Bluefire diamonds are available loose or as part of a number of classic and contemporary ring designs.

Whether you desire the elegance of a solitaire or a constellation of sparkle from multiple diamonds, it is our passion to ensure your dreams are matched with outstanding craftsmanship and exceptional quality. 

Diamonds are traditionally graded by the 4Cs, referring to Colour, Clarity, Carat weight and Cut. Of the 4Cs, a diamond's cut is undoubtedly the most important characteristic. A superior cut promises a brilliance and scintillation like no other. View a Bluefire 144 faceted diamond, compare it with a 58 facet and you'll discover Bluefire diamonds really are a cut above.

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